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AP sisterhood

Nearly every family in the world is affected by cancer. One in six deaths today is caused by cancer and these numbers are growing rapidly. Witnessing friends and family suffer from the side effects of chemotherapy inspired Ali Pirzadeh, founder of AP Wigs, to create the Sisterhood programme.

"To see loved ones affected by the side effects of chemotherapy made me realise I wanted to do something. The AP sisterhood program is a way for me to use my knowledge and platform to support others.“

Ali Pirzadeh

Founder of AP Wigs

The Sisterhood programme empowers women with cancer by helping them reclaim control of their image. The programme supports selected registered charities through donations of AP Wigs products. We donate every fifth wig sold to charity. Our passion for supporting women in rebuilding their self-esteem and making them feel comfortable and confident infuses everything we do.

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